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Meet One of Our Experts - Sarah!

Meet One of Our Experts - Sarah!

Hi Puzzle Pals!

I wanted to do a quick post to introduce myself. I’m Sarah (@SarahDoesPuzzles) and I’m a puzzle obsessed 24 year old living in Minnesota. I have been doing puzzles for as long as I can remember. When I was little I’d get up early on a Saturday morning, and by the time my parents were up, I’d have a whole coffee table full of completed puzzles. 

The love of puzzles has been passed down to me through my grandpa, uncle, and mom. I used to do puzzles every day with my grandparents when they would watch me in the summers. My grandma always used to protest when I would pull out Great American Puzzle Factory’s Ballooning because it was 1000 pieces and would almost always take us two days (I wasn’t a speed puzzler yet!). 

My uncle and mom would compete every January in the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s jigsaw puzzle contest. Teams of four would compete against each other to see what team could do the puzzle the fastest. I would tag along to the competitions and watch from the sidelines waiting for my day to come. Finally, I was old enough to compete in the family division, and we ended up taking first place! It became an addiction, and years later I’m still competing in multiple competitions across the state each year. 

Puzzling isn’t my only hobby. I also have a full time job as an IT consultant and work part time at a local radio station. I love finding new bands and attending concerts (when there isn’t a pandemic!). I spend a lot of my time listening to music, reading, and trying to find the best moscow mule in the Twin Cities. 

Thank you for tagging along with Michaela and me on this MicroPuzzles journey! You’ll be hearing from us again soon! 


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