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Not just a new puzzle... a new CATEGORY of puzzle! 

Our 150 piece, mini puzzles offer customers more than a little fun!  Packed in test tubes - these colorful, 4"x6" jigsaw puzzles can be completed in a single, 1-2 hour sitting.  Challenging but not overwhelming!  Compact, vibrant and fun.

Each new design is created in the USA by a dedicated team of artists, designers and craftsmen.  

A portion of each online sale is donated to charity - this month's proceeds benefit: Actor's and Others for Animals (when Betty White and JoAnne Worley ask you to save some animals... how can you say no?)  and The National Alzheimer's Association


Meet the Team

Michael Sturba

Idea Ninja, Puzzle Nerd, Nice Guy - Mike studied at University of Windsor and has worked in product development, merchandise and operations with major theme park companies since 2015.  Mike owned and operated a small commercial printing company for over two decades and holds both utility and design patents.   He has been honored with several international design and product accolades including awards from Staples and the Corel Corporation.  


Rachel Duguay

Puzzle Support / Customer Service Overlord - Rachel is affectionately known as the "adult supervision" that holds the operation together. Originally from Gardner, Massachusetts - Rachel was voted friendliest in high school and currently holds the record for fastest MicroPuzzle (trying to keep that record... and holding strong!). 



"Brian in Shipping"

Part unpaid intern, part scapegoat, part family pet - he has been a two time (non consecutive) Employee of the Month in June 2018 (and again in February 2021).  Brian (whose real name is Presto) is a 13 year old senior rescue with a sunny disposition and a bad habit of handing out discount codes.  He's the oldest and least productive member of the staff.... but we love him anyway.


The Artists

Jen Cameron Artist Puzzles Paintings Bio Photo

Jen Cameron 

Crayon Evangelist & Chief Doodler - Based in Kitchener, Ontario Canada - Jen is a retired schoolteacher who loves spending times outdoors.  She started painting over 25 years ago as a distraction from teaching.  Though initially a water colorist, she has recently enjoyed the vibrant colors of acrylic painting. Her whimsical paintings make for some of our favorite puzzles. For more info visit

 Steve Marshall Magician Photographer

Steve Marshall 

Photographer Extraordinaire - Steve is a professional magician who lives in Japan and performs around the world on cruise ships and other venues.  His other passion is photography and his travels allow him to see interesting places and meet unique people.  Steve sees these people and places as beautiful images that he captures through the lens of his camera. For more info visit

Greg Visintainer photo profile bio

Gregg "Viz" Visintainer

Gregg is a self-taught artist, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and a family man. Viz Art Ink is hand drawn, using pen and ink. From afar, there is a main image but up-close you will find hidden pictures and words relating to each theme. Average piece takes 60-80 hours to create. He has collaborated with DC Shoes, Grateful Dead, Falken Tires, Disney, U.S. Marine Corps., U.S. NAVY and others. For more info please visit


 Real artists, printers and old-school craftsmanship come together in every MicroPuzzle we ship.