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Missing a Piece?  We Got You Covered!

Every year, millions of innocent puzzles pieces go missing.  Statistically speaking, one of those pieces could have been yours.

Maybe it disappeared into the time/space continuum... or that place single socks and hair ties end up.  And don't get us started on the usual suspects... your dog/cat or little cousin who just don't understand personal boundaries or the word "no".

MicroPuzzles never wants you to feel this heartbreaking loss again.  That's why we created MicroPuzzle Insurance.  It's not only fun... it's easy.

Want to learn more?  Here's how this revolutionary insurance policy works:

Should you lose one or more Micropuzzle pieces, simply submit a claim by email ( including a brief explanation of how you lost the piece and a sad photo of you and your puzzle.  Subject line should read "Help. I Lost a MicroPuzzle Piece!"

Once our team of adjusters approves your claim, we'll mail you a replacement puzzle pronto.

A Few Important Things To Remember:

  • Puzzle Insurance is only valid on genuine MicroPuzzle Products... always insist on the original MicroPuzzle brand.
  • MicroPuzzle Insurance is valid up to one year after purchase.
  • We will replace your MicroPuzzle with a MicroPuzzle of the same design and style.  Limit one replacement per MicroPuzzle per year.



Rachel Duguay

Puzzle Support / Customer Service Overlord - Rachel is affectionately known as the "adult supervision" that holds the operation together. Originally from Gardner, Massachusetts - Rachel was voted friendliest in high school and currently holds the record for fastest MicroPuzzle (trying to keep that record... and holding strong!).  

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