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International Puzzle Day

Founded by Jodi Jill, National Puzzle Day is a celebration of puzzles which has resulted in an international event with millions of people sharing online their joy of puzzles.

Celebrated every year on January 29th, it honors all types of puzzles, including jigsaw, sudoku, word searches, crossword, and more.  

Puzzles are a fun form of entertainment and are proven to work both sides of a person's brain at once.

John Spilsbury is widely credited as the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle. In the early 1760s, John was a young engraver fresh out of an apprenticeship from Thomas Jefferys, the Royal Geographer to King George III.

Around 1765, John had the idea of mounting a map on a thin mahogany board and cutting it into pieces along country border lines for children to reassemble. Spilsbury created them for educational purposes and called them "Dissected Maps."

John Spilsbury died, aged 29, on April 3rd, 1769. But others took up his idea, and by 1909 dissected maps became more widely known as a jigsaw puzzle.

Celebrate International Puzzle Day by solving one or more puzzles.

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