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Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

Hello from Sarah and Michaela!

We hope everyone is doing well. If you haven’t checked out last week’s blog on our tips and tricks to enjoy puzzles in new ways during this time of social distancing, make sure to check it out here!

This week we are talking about personalized puzzles, and all of the tricks and tips for making personalized puzzles, and what to do with them!


The Ideas

Personalized puzzles make great gifts and keepsake items for all occasions!


Gift a Keepsake

Do you have friends or family members getting married, just getting engaged, adding a beautiful baby to their family, buying a new house? Make them a gift with one of their photos! The list goes on and on of options for using personalized MicroPuzzles as a great gift! MicroPuzzles are specifically great since they each only have 150 pieces; even the non-puzzle obsessed can enjoy these little puzzles and have them complete in less than 2 hours! Add it to a gift basket with a frame to hang the puzzle on the wall! These puzzles are easier to frame and don’t require glue that larger puzzles usually need to be hung, which means even if you do frame them, they can be taken out of the frame and redone at leisure! Give a puzzle on any holiday, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or even as Halloween treats to neighbors!


Make an Announcement

Need a way to announce something to friends and family? You can order several of the same puzzles and SAVE by doing so. Send these as save the dates, baby announcements, buying a new house, adding a fur baby to your family, etc. Again the list goes on and on. 
engagement puzzle featuring a happy couple

These puzzles are easy to flip back and forth from each side, which makes them perfect for a photo announcement with more details on the back. See more about this below!


Puzzle Battle

Have a puzzle battle (a term created by our good friend @themadhatteriam on Instagram)! This can be done in person, around the neighborhood, or even across the country! You can buy several of the same puzzle and battle with friends and family members to see who completes their puzzle the fastest.

man eating a donut jigsaw puzzle MicroPuzzle

Make it a monthly tradition, send them across the country to your friends and battle while video chatting! You can change designs each month, how funny would it be to have your good friend Al’s face on these eating a donut for everyone to do?!


Say Thank You

Send it as a thank you! Have a photo of you and your grandparents at graduation? Want your friends to remember a moment? Have a business partner, or even an essential worker you want to show some appreciation to, these puzzles are wonderful options!


Travel Memorabilia

Need a way to remember your vacations? Make a collage of a few of the key photos from your trip. Again you can use the back to add more details to remember from this wonderful trip!

vacation puzzle jigsaw summer beach lake



Have a photo you love but have too many photos already hanging up or don’t have the wall space to hang more photos up? Want a puzzle of something you can’t find a puzzle already made of or look at a mess in your kitchen while baking and think, “This would make a good puzzle?” These are all great things to put on a personalized puzzle! You can also throw these in gift bags, party favours, or keep around for a rainy day!


Tips and Tricks

So you have these ideas, but what actually goes into the process of personalizing a puzzle with MicroPuzzle, and what things should you consider? Our online Customize Design Studio has an array of options. Start by picking if you want a landscape or portrait style puzzle and click the customize button.


Size of Images

Remember, this is a MicroPuzzle, so the finished product is the size of a postcard! It’s easy to make a collage either in the builder online or to use a studio online prior to creating your design and then upload it as a single JPG. 1-6 photos are a good range you can fit on a puzzle and still have all the details you want without the faces of loved ones being the size of a single piece, which is small enough to fit on a penny.



            Make sure your image has enough textures or colors based on the type of difficulty you want. If you create a pattern that’s all one pattern or color, it will of course be more difficult. Want to challenge your friends or yourself a bit? Make a zebra or repeating pattern design puzzle. If you have a lot of colors and different images it’ll be easier. If you want an easier puzzle make sure there’s something on each piece in the customize designer, even the edges!

 couple on beach before picture puzzle jigsaw          After photo couple on beach puzzle jigsaw puzzle



Choose any color to add to the back of your puzzle. These could be your favorite color, or a color coded theme if you get multiple!  This is a great place to put information if you are using this as a memorabilia for a trip, general information about an announcement, or remembering what year and holiday you might be celebrating (i.e. Mother’s Day 2020).


Stay Safe and Puzzle On!

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