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WS FCS North Area

Dr. Williams,
As you embark on this new chapter of your journey, we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication, guidance, and leadership during your tenure as our area superintendent. Your departure leaves a void that will be difficult to fill, both professionally and personally.
Under your steadfast leadership, we have not only grown as leaders but also as individuals. Your vision, passion, and commitment to excellence have inspired us all to strive for greatness and to always put the needs of our students and staff first. Your belief in our abilities and your constant support have empowered us to reach new heights and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.
While we are saddened by the prospect of your departure, we are also filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the time we have had the privilege of working alongside you. Your legacy will continue to resonate within our schools, shaping the future of education in our community for years to come because "The North is on the Rise" and thanks to you will continue to soar.
As you embark on this exciting new chapter as a superintendent, please know that you take with you our heartfelt appreciation, admiration, and very best wishes for continued success and fulfillment in all your future endeavors. We are confident that you will continue to inspire and lead with the same grace, wisdom, and passion that have defined your tenure with us.
Thank you, Dr. Williams, for everything you have done for us, and may your journey ahead be filled with endless opportunities, joy, and fulfillment.

Dr. Hall-Powell,
As you prepare to embark on your next adventure in CMS, we wanted to also let you know how much we appreciate you. Your departure leaves us not only with a sense of loss but also with a treasure trove of fond memories and profound appreciation for all that you have done for us.
From navigating the complexities of school-community relations to expertly intercepting those occasional angry parents (saving us from a few gray hairs in the process!), your dedication, poise, and sense of humor have been nothing short of invaluable. You have been our steadfast ally, our trusted advisor, and our beacon of light through both calm waters and stormy seas.
While we are saddened to bid you farewell, we take comfort in knowing that your infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy, and genuine kindness will continue to brighten the lives of those you encounter in your new role. CMS may be gaining an exceptional professional, but they are also gaining a remarkable individual whose impact will be felt far and wide.
As you embark on this exciting new chapter, please know that you take with you our deepest appreciation, warmest wishes, and a promise to keep the coffee pot brewing should you ever find yourself back in our neck of the woods. You will be greatly missed, Dr. Hall-Powell, but your legacy will forever be woven into the fabric of our community.
With sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to both of you,
The North Area