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IN-STOCK & Shipping 🚀 Every Day / $25+ ORDERS GET FREE USA SHIPPING / Backed by 100% Guarantee

Cricket - Sneed's Nursery

Sneeds Nursery - Cricket micro mini jigsaw puzzle

Cricket - Mascot of Sneed's Nursery - Richmond, VA

Cricket came to Sneed’s in February of 2018 from a rescue group. We had lost our Nutterbutter the fall of the previous year. She was spayed, super friendly with customers, and had a sweet personality. Everyone loved her so much. Cricket tended to sleep on a shelf next to the register so that everyone could admire her and pet her. She really soaked up the attention. In April she had kittens…so much for being spayed! Her three kittens were born in a box under the register, and she took care of them while we rang customers through. Once they became active, we moved them to the floral shop where customers could visit them. People loved Cricket so much that we had an offer of $500 for one of the kittens! After several broken vases and a broken kitten leg, we realized that we needed to find homes for all of them and raffled them off to employees with the ability to care for them. All three went to good homes and Cricket was truly spayed.

Cricket secured her post as our mascot and has been a favored feature here at the garden center. Kids and kids at heart love to go looking for Cricket. They bring her gifts of toys and treats. Customers have brought us paintings they’ve made of her. Every year we create a Cricket calendar and the proceeds go to a local cat rescue group called Operation Catnip. We hope you enjoy putting this super cute Cricket puzzle together!

For more information visit - Sneed's Nursery Website