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Road Trip - USA!
Ginger L.
Fun while waiting!

Train ride, plane ride ship ride this spring.. We are taking our 17 and 18 year old “Grands” on a month long European trip and will have great fun competing for who can complete their puzzles first! Then we will switch puzzles and start round two. We love jigsaws and I’m excited to have found this website to keep our waiting times fun!


Coffee Tawk
Brian M.
complicated but relaxing

Puzzle is a little more complicated than others but relaxing picture.

I think these micro puzzles are great can’t wait to receive the next box keep up the good work

Carolyn S.C.
A Bit Challenging!

I enjoyed the puzzle. It was challenging enough to keep my interest. However, I purchased the puzzle because of it's small size for a friend who is now in assisted living. She loves puzzles but I decided this one might frustrate her. I have a couple more to try and see how I think she would do with them.

So fun!

Love the subscription box themes each month. Also love getting exclusive puzzles!

Such a treat!

My wife gets the monthly micropuzzle box and it is such a joy for her to see what great puzzles there are and the little extras!

Mermaid Life
Linda E.
So much fun!

So portable! Keep them at home and in the camper for rainy days! So cute and tiny!
Ordered quite a few and ording more!!

Great puzzle

undecided as of yet

I have only received 2 boxes, I really like the boxes and the puzzles. But the first box i found pieces missing in the sunflower puzzle. It takes me a little longer to but them together than i had thought. But i will try a little while longer and if no success I will cancel. Thanks

T S.

Great gifts! Will buy more.

Greta S.


Great puzzles!

The two Easter puzzles are beautiful and promptly received. Thank you for the wonderful puzzles and your excellent service!

My favorite subscription box!

This is a great subscription box! The puzzles are so cute and portable, I love that I can take them anywhere! They’re the perfect challenge, not so difficult that I lose interest, and not super easy like a child’s puzzle. Plus the extras are a fun bonus!

Heart Nosed Ned
Margaret R.
Micro Puzzels

Looks fun & great! Gave as an Easter gift to my adult son. I’ll be curious to see if he likes.

Love Them

I love the box.. I got used to the tiny puzzles while kn vacation. The only thing I would recommend that would make these even more awesome, is that you should vary the puzzles that people get, NOT have all boxes get the same puzzles. That way tradability of these would be way better

Michelle M.
Perfect easter gift

I put this little puzzle in my teen son's Easter basket and it was a huge hit. He loves puzzles and micro puzzles are his favorite. He loves the quality and the matte texture is perfect for seeing what you are doing.


Will you be offering different puzzles

i love em!!

These micro puzzles are awesome. They are tiny but they are definately challenging, All the puzzles I got in my pack are great. I love em all.

Lively Louis Llama
Jeannine G.
Little Puzzles Big Fun

A great way to pass time on a rainy day. The colors will lift your spirits.

Beach Puzzle Fun Gift

I purchased several of the beach theme mini puzzles along with a bottle of wine to give as welcome gifts for our beach vacation home renters. I thought the crab/beach themed puzzle would be so much fun and different. They look really well made and I love the clear tube they come in.

Monthly Subscription Box


I love getting these boxes. Each month is like a little present to myself, and the themes of each box I've gotten so far are fun and interesting.

Grant A.

Terrific, lots of fun

Joy from the edges to the last piece!

This puzzle was so fun and satisfying to put together. I love how vibrant the colors are and how there is a mix of easy to identify parts and a more uniform background to add a bit of a challenge to assembly. Also the fit of the pieces is more accurate than other mini puzzles I’ve tried. I highly recommend!!

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