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Monthly Surprise Treat!

I love my subscription box! The puzzles are so fun and the designs are cute. Look forward for my box each month!

Unique Valentine gift

I purchased this puzzle for a surprise Valentine’s Day gift. The recipient was so surprised & super delighted. It’s just the right size not to be too overwhelming, yet still be a little challenging.

Thanks for providing a a great product at a reasonable price!

New York City
Coll B.
Great gift

Love the micro puzzle for niece in NYC ‼️

Med. Vacation MicroPuzzle Review

I gave this puzzle as a gift, and did not see the puzzle or help work it. I received feedback from the recipient, as well as a photo of the completed puzzle. The glossy finish and substantial border took away from the subject matter of the puzzle picture, I think. Plus, the photo was not as clear and images were not as distinct as I was hoping. I believe the edges were cut carefully, and that allowed it to be put together easily enough.

LOVE the Valentines

Love the Valentine puzzles. I am “addicted” to the these puzzles. They are so portable and fun. My husband made me a small puzzle tray so I can empty the capsule and spread the pieces—great because the pieces are so small. The quality of these puzzles is great!

Love box

I love you puzzles I love to see birds puzzles if you could

I love the puzzles and the images a great

Fun monthly surprise!

Great little monthly surprises. Love getting the themed boxes, enjoy doing the puzzles with my kids.


Mammoth Fun
Kathleen B.
Difficult Dino 🦖

I‘ve done over 30 micro puzzles and this one’s a stinker. The colors are so close it’s hard to see what you’re doing. I couldn’t complete it.

Perfectly great

Perfectly great puzzle -- yes pieces are all same size/shape, this makes it more challenging! Really good quality, zero puzzle dust, and in response to another comment about pieces not fitting tightly: they are a bit loose but they fit snugly if you sort of push them together, and then they do click into place. Not a big audible snap like with larger puzzles, but if you push them together especially when the puzzle is complete, they fit tight enough that I can (carefully of course) lift the entire finished puzzle off the table and it doesn't fall apart. I've done three of these micro puzzles and can definitely get obsessed on these, they are great for traveling too!

Off California
Julia F.
Love these puzzles

The puzzles are great quality and so fun. I gave out a puzzle to each person. We competed to see who could complete their puzzle first. Everyone loved their puzzle.

I love these puzzles! Happy Birthday Cupcake

I received my order promptly and in perfect condition. I enjoy the bright colors and new designs. I bought Happy Birthday to add to my own collection of different occasions.


Llama Bama Ding Dong was so much fun!

Off California
Eileen C.

Love all the micro puzzles I’ve done so far!

Just as I expected!!

These are truly amazing! Challenging! Will be ordering more soon!

Awesome product and great service!

These are a fun, quality puzzle that is backed up with great service. I ordered three puzzles on a Friday evening and received a shipping notice Saturday morning, 12 hours later, during the last busy week of Christmas ordering. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you!

Road Trip - USA!
Constance M.
Great gifts

I was totally pleased with these puzzles, I do puzzles and I thought 30 minutes it was a couple of hours go in and concentration. You will not be disappointed

Candi S.
Loved the puzzles but…

Loved the puzzles but didn’t appreciate all the extra duty I had to pay on such a tiny order. Wasn’t made aware of this ahead of time.

Yellow Butterfly
Jaylynn C.
Great gifts

I gave them as stocking stuffers and everyone loved them!


I purchased this HB Cupcake puzzle to send to my friend for her birthday, as I was looking for something that was unique. I can't wait to hear what she thinks when I send it.

Christmas Box to start subscription

The 2 puzzles were great! Enjoyed working them.

A Night to Remember

Puzzled Meditation

We bought a box of these great puzzles to turn off electronics and try to focus on just one thing at a time rather than multitasking. We are hooked! Bryan (Presto) in shipping makes things even better as he hands out free gifts with many orders. Hoping to join monthly subscription soon!

Super cute

What a cute little puzzle. Picture is adorable

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