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Postmark'd Studio

Postmark'd Lou Paper MicroPuzzle jigsaw puzzle mini 150 piece

Since 2017, Postmark’d Studio has been on a mission to revive letter-writing as an avenue for meaningful human connection.  Somewhere in your house, I know you have a drawer where you’ve collected cards, notes, and letters from loved ones over the years.  All you have to do is thumb through the stack to be reminded of the warmth, love and attention that came with them.  More than any text, email or instant message, these precious mementos are the ones that stand the test of time-the ones that really matter.  

Making an effort to practice simple kindness will never go out of style, and Postmark’d Studio makes it easy to show you care. We love partnering with brands to bring you special, unique handcrafted artisanal cards each month. We are beyond thrilled to collaborate with Lou Paper on this postcard-puzzle project. Louise Neumann is an illustrator (otherwise known as a professional doodler!), born and raised in the UK, but currently living in Idaho, where the landscape is wild, and the beer is the craftiest. She is camped out in her home studio much of the time where she noodles away at projects; fueled by her own imagination and coffee.

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