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Pierogi Fest - Whiting, IN

Pierogi Fest

About Pierogi Fest

The original idea for Pierogi Fest formed in the early 1990s when founder Marty Dybel and co-founders Tom Dabertin and Darlene Beerling had an idea to celebrate cultural heritage with a new festival in Whiting. The city has a long and proud history that blends many cultural backgrounds from around the world into a community that is totally unique, yet somehow remarkably familiar to visitors. That’s part of the magic of Pierogi Fest.   

Pierogis were chosen as a focal point to honor Eastern European heritage, but the festival has never been exclusive to a single culture. All foods from all nationalities are welcome, and over the years many different types of delicious dishes have been featured during the event.  

For more information visit the PierogiFest Website

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