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Official National Puzzle Day Jigsaw Puzzle

National Puzzle Day - Puzzles for All Micro Mini Jigsaw Puzzle Official

National Puzzle Day, celebrated every year on January 29, is all about puzzles. Founded by Jodi Jill, this fun holiday had over 7 million people enjoying puzzles in 2022.  National Puzzle Day was founded over 20 years ago with an idea to encourage elementary school aged children to learn about different puzzles on Jodi's special day. Teachers across the country had their class send requests for Jodi's free puzzles as an assignment. Every year thousands of requests were coming in the mail asking for the puzzles. At one point, there was so much mail her room was full and the one-woman puzzle lover had no place to sleep. As National Puzzle Day got even bigger it went to a digital platform and social media. Today, the celebration of puzzles reaches around the world online with puzzle lovers getting access to puzzle activities, information and fun for all ages. See more details at Jodi's website

Be part of the celebration in 2023. Use the #PuzzleDay hashtag on your social media to see what puzzles your friends play. And share what puzzles you're solving too. 

For the first time ever an official National Puzzle Day Jigsaw Puzzle is released to celebrate National Puzzle Day in 2023. Every National Puzzle Day MicroPuzzle will be personally signed by Jodi Jill as part of this year's amazing celebration.

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