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Monthly Subscription - S2E8

MicroPuzzles' March Subscription Box....

Love, Piece & Flowers

IMPACT Innovation MicroPuzzle mini micro small jigsaw puzzle


If ever there was a flower that radiated pure joy and positive vibes... it’s the sunflower. This month’s MicroPuzzles feature eight of them... cause that’s how
we roll.

Eight different artists from IMPACT Innovation helped bring this beautiful piece to life.  A donation has been made to IMPACT Innovation for all their hard work. Artists include: Sam W., Shannon M., Kelly O., Jeremy N., Kyle S., Matt S., Ali B., and Cole A.

A donation has been made to IMPACT Innovation for all their hard work.

For more about IMPACT Innovation click HERE

MicroPuzzles supports a number of charities and charitable initiatives. Check out our About Us page on the website for a real-time tote board and
a breakdown of donations.  


Love MicroPuzzle micro mini jigsaw puzzle small tiny 

Frankly, we love everything about this MicroPuzzle. After a long, hard winter - everybody can use a few whimsical birds on a LOVE shaped flowering garden. It’s a little reminder that spring is around the corner and greener sunnier days
are ahead... regardless of what the Weather Channel is predicting.
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