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Kenneth Wyatt - About Quittin' Time

About Kenneth Wyatt...

"It's strictly a gift from God," is Dr. Wyatt's own explanation for his talent with brush and paint. "It's this way-- some people hear music in their souls and, in inspiration, they write it down. As for me, I see paintings in my soul, and I just push the paint around until it looks like what I see inside."

Kenneth Wyatt has been pushing paint for the past forty years. To say it emphatically, he has painted over 8,000 paintings. His talent in art was always evident. His drawing and sketching go back to his youth with doodles of horses and other animals which adorned the borders of his school homework papers. He does not believe that the drawings helped his grades any, "But, at least the teachers didn't insist that I stop decorating my reports with them!"

Kenneth's paintings are for everyone. They are in offices, homes, and museums; among collections of farmers, queens, bankers, movie stars, clergy and almost every other occupation known. His religious paintings hang in churches of all denominations and in more than ninety countries.

Not only does this multiple range of owners make his work widely accepted, but, also, it is his ability to paint a diversity of subjects: landscapes, children, flowers, westerns, portraits and animals. These and more cross his pallet and come alive on the canvas. His mood swings alter his style as well; one day he may be content to paint apples in a still-life motif, and the very next day he may paint a herd of stampeding horses in a thunderstorm.

Dr. Wyatt is a man dedicated to his calling, evidenced by the tremendous number of hours he spends at the easel. With renewed inspiration from God, family, friends, owners and the awesome examples of great artists in years past, as well as some really fantastic artists of today, he intends to continue "twisting the tubes" and "pushing the paint around" as long as he feels his Heavenly Father has need of his work.

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