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Kendra VanDruff - Camping in Mount Rainier National Park


Kendra The Fleur Wreath Mount Ranier MicroPuzzle Nature Trees Hammock

Camping in Mount Rainier National Park

There's something magical about experiencing Mount Rainier through camping.  The backdrop of this gorgeous mountain paired with its surrounding lakes and lush green trees make for a perfect nature getaway.  The perspective of this art is from sitting in a a camping tent and looking out towards a tree hammock with the surrounding view in front of Mount Rainier.



About the Artist

Kendra VanDruff is an artist specializing in watercolor National Park inspired landscapes. From ocean, mountain, and desert themed landscapes, Kendra loves the variety of styles that can be done through watercolor. When she's not creating artwork, you’ll find her exploring different National Parks, doodling in a coffee shop with friends, watching Harry Potter or planting succulents. 

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