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Greetings From SeaWorld San Diego

About SeaWorld San Diego..
SeaWorld San Diego is home to world-class animal presentations, rides, shows, and exhibits, spread out on beautiful Mission Bay Park.
Stroll through over 100 acres of beautiful outdoor grounds on Mission Bay as you enjoy amazing animals, world-class educational presentations, exciting seasonal events, and more! Enjoy a wide variety of artisanal dishes along with local craft beers, signature cocktails, and wine.

A visit to SeaWorld San Diego makes an ocean of a difference. Over the last 55 years, SeaWorld’s esteemed Rescue Team has rescued and returned more than 40,000 animals found ill, injured or stranded along the beaches of the local coastline. Behind the scenes at SeaWorld, passionate zoological team members care for these animals in an effort to rehabilitate and return them to the wild, giving them a second chance at life. A portion of every guest’s park visit goes to SeaWorld’s rescue and conservation efforts.

There’s a whole lot that’s new at SeaWorld® San Diego! Get ready to jump on the all-new snowmobile-style coaster and feel the thrills of an icy mission on the all-new Arctic Rescue at SeaWorld San Diego. Hold on tight for three launches packed with twists and turns the whole family will be talking about. Meet and learn about the incredible animals of the Arctic.

Plus, kids can play and splash in the all-new Rescue Jr. Packed with educational learning and fun, Rescue Jr. is inspired by true rescue stories and real heroes. Enjoy awesome rescue-themed rides, make waves in the splash zone, see real rescue vehicles up close, and much more in this exciting new kid spot. Best of all, you’ll have fun learning about animals and how you can help with conservation every day!
Stroll through over 100 acres of beautiful park grounds filled with incredible animal exhibits including orcas, belugas, otters, walruses, sharks, sea turtles, bat rays, sea lions, pilot whales, penguins, dolphins, flamingos, eels, tropical birds and more.
For those who want to get even closer to marine life, SeaWorld's reservation-only animal encounters can be a dream come true. The Dolphin Encounter is a poolside experience that allows participants to touch and interact with bottlenose dolphins; or, for a change of pace, slow things down with a Sloth Encounter, a one-of-a-kind chance to meet a two-toed sloth up close. Make sure to purchase your tickets today!

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