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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

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Screens dominate the lives of our youth, so it should come as no surprise that once summer starts, ways to cut screen time become essential. The kids are out of school, but how do we distract them from their screens long enough to convince them that there’s more to life than YouTube videos and memes?

 Our culture focuses too much on screens, and we see much of our society in denial over their screen addictions. As everything we could ever want is now readily accessible at our fingertips, children, in particular, are having a hard time shifting away from instant content.

The stimulation draws kids in, and before they know it, hours have passed. With the future of our children in mind, keep these five ways to reduce screen time in mind this summer:


1. Help Your Kids Find A Hobby

Every kid needs a hobby. Whether it’s painting, sports, ballet, collecting shells, or something else, a hobby is something fun you and your child can do together. Ask about his or her interests — besides screen-related interests, of course.

If your child doesn’t know what they like, begin experimenting to find something. Ask what they think seems interesting, and encourage them to give it a try. If your child lacks a hobby, let this be the summer they find one.

2. Limit Screen Access To Certain Times

While it might seem like a punishment, limiting screen access to specific times will encourage your child to find other ways to entertain themselves. Whether they decide to read a book or hang out with friends, this could be the extra push your child needs to become more active.

3. Play With Your Kids

Playing with your kids more keeps their minds off screens. With this in mind, the fun is portable when you have Micro Puzzles. They may come in tiny packages, but you and your child will find massive fun in each tube. These are colorful, compact, challenging puzzles, ensuring you’ll both find hours of entertainment as you work together to piece together your Micro Puzzle.

4. Dedicate Family Meals To Family Talks

Society has lost sight of the importance of family. So it makes sense that dedicating family meals to speaking to one another will help you grow closer as a family. Make dinner time family time, and listen to what your child has to say. You’ll be surprised at how excited children are to talk when you prioritize what they have to say.

5. Encourage Outdoor Play

Playing outside is an adventure in and of itself. Whether your child is shooting some hoops at the local basketball court or riding a bicycle, outdoor play is an excellent way to discourage screen time. Encouraging kids to play outside gives them a chance to experience more than their electronics have to offer. The real-world experience they’ll gain, both good and bad, will provide them with valuable life lessons they won’t find on their screens.


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