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Jigsaw Puzzle Contest - Get in on the fun!

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest - Get in on the fun!

The Board

The Rules

  1. Follow SarahDoesPuzzles, PuzzleProblem & MicroPuzzles on Instagram
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Must have a shipping address in the United States or Canada to win
  4. Puzzles completed since November 10th, 2020 count
  5. Use Hashtag #PuzzleChallengeBingo on your entries
  6. One puzzle per square, no doubling up this time!
  7. Each square completed is 1 entry into the giveaway. Complete a BINGO for 5 extra entries, only your first bingo counts. Blacking out the board is 15 bonus entries. Winners will be announced no later than January 22nd, 2020.
  8. Puzzles for all entries must be 150 pieces (micro puzzle size) or bigger!
  9. Bingo squares with a blue snowflake bottom of the square require additional documentation to show us you completed that square (photo or video)
  10. You have until 11:59 PM CST Friday, January 15th, 2021 to enter. Please send your board to Sarah or Michaela when complete. 

Any questions about the Seasonal Puzzle Challenge Bingo can be sent to @SarahDoesPuzzle and/or @PuzzleProblem through Instagram.

For more details on what each tile on the board consists, read below.

The Prizes!

One lucky winner will receive a gift card or a mega puzzle pack from @micropuzzles 

Two lucky winners will receive a gift card or a five pack of puzzles from @micropuzzles 

Details about the Board

Family Traditions: This could be pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving dinner, a gift exchange, etc. 

Windows: Do a puzzle that features a window somewhere in the puzzle

Participate in a Puzzle Party with friends and/or family: This can be in person or virtual!

Naughty or Nice: Do a puzzle that depicts being naughty or nice. This could be an image of playful kittens knocking a fishbowl off the table, or a grandmother baking a pie for her grandkids.

Fun in the Snow: Show off a snowy scene in this challenge.

Indigenous Art: Do a puzzle that features artwork by an Indigenous artist

Shaped Puzzle: Any shape that is not rectangle or square. 

Complete a puzzle top to bottom: Think differently and do a puzzle from top to bottom!

Do a FREE Puzzle Review: NO puzzles that were given to you from a company for review. Show off a favorite brand!

Friendship: Do a puzzle that shows friendship. This could be people or animals!

Changing Seasons: Leaves changing color, snowflakes falling, or a spring thaw!

Puzzle it Forward: Contact Puzzle Pandas for tags and leave a puzzle somewhere to find, buy an extra Micro Puzzle to leave somewhere random, leave a puzzle for your mail deliverer, or send one to your friend or family member who needs a pick me up. Spread the holiday spirits and positive vibes!

Cookies & Candy: Do a puzzle that features one of these sweet treats!

Stars & Galaxy: Look to the stars for inspiration and do a puzzle with a cosmic element

Mix 2 Puzzles: Puzzle Problem first mixed three Micro Puzzles together at the start of COVID for an extra brain teaser. Join her and enjoy the unique challenge!

Fireplace:Cozy up next to a fireplace for this puzzle theme. We wish all houses had some form of fireplace, don’t you?

Puzzle starting with a “C”: Complete a puzzle that’s title starts with the letter “C”
This could be something like Carousel by MicroPuzzles, Christmas, Canada, Canal Park, California, Cats, etc. The list is endless!

Holiday Season:

The holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Three Kings Day, Winter Solstice, St. Lucia Day, St. Nicholas Day, Kwanzaa, New Year, the options are endless!


Celebrate for any reason, that 2020 is almost over, that we have the right to vote, the holidays, we just want to fill the air with positivity!

Micro Puzzle: Head on over to MicroPuzzles to check out their amazing selection! If you don’t 

have a tiny puzzle, it can be any brand, but we highly suggest purchasing from our amazing sponsors of Puzzle Challenge Bingo for the past 3 rounds!

Magical: Enter the realm of fantasy and do a puzzle with a wizard, dragon, unicorn or other magical element.

On the Table: This could be a still-life scene or maybe a tasty Thanksgiving spread. Find a puzzle that features items on a table.

Fresh Air: Getting outside is important, and fresh air is necessary for everyone, no matter the season! It could be camping, hiking, swimming, making a snowman, skating on a pond, etc. Get outdoors through your puzzle (especially if you live somewhere the weather hurts your face).

Unique Transportation: From hot air balloons, to surfboards, to horse-drawn sleighs, to double decker busses. Show off a puzzle with a unique type of transportation not typically seen in day to day life. 

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